Loblolly Farm
Tiny Click on image for full album Honorific "Tiny"  (Mr. Duplicate Hand x All Glory N Honor)

1993 Appaloosa gelding owned by Valerie Mumm

Tiny is a gentle giant and was Valerie's first Appaloosa, and the horse responsible for making her fall in love with the breed. Tiny had a very successful show career in HUS, Showmanship, and halter that was sadly cut short due to an injury that affected his quality of movement permanently. He is now retired from showing, but still gets ridden every now and then. He is one of those special horses that can have months off and you just pull him out of the pasture and hop on without lunging, and he is perfect every time. He is a big goofball and is the head honcho in the herd; he keeps everyone in line but is extremely gentle and kind. One of the sweetest horses you'll ever meet.
Boomer Click on image for full album The Spy Next Door "Boomer"   (The Next Detail x Agates in my Hand)

2011 Appaloosa gelding owned by Valerie Mumm

Boomer is Valerie's new show horse. He was recently started under saddle and we are expecting great things from him as a hunter under saddle prospect. He is already a Reserve National Champion in hunter in hand and is very close to earning his hunter in hand ROM. He is born and bred to be a top HUS horse. He currently stands just shy of 16 hands at the withers (16.1 at hip) and we expect that he'll mature around 16.1 or 16.2. He was bred in Texas by a very well known breeder in the industry, Nancy Magnussen of Hopes Creek Ranch. Boomer is Tiny's partner in crime and ranks high in the herd dynamic.
Ruby Click on image for full album Lads Ruby Tuesday "Ruby"   (Lads Straw Man x Forever Kendall)

2007 Appaloosa mare owned by Rhonda Mumm

Ruby is the newest edition to Loblolly Farm. She belongs to Valerie's mother, but is being trained and shown by Valerie under the guidance of Allison Townley of Cutting Edge Farms. She is one of the prettiest movers you'll ever see, and we expect her to do very well on the show circuit in hunter under saddle. She's already earned a few points even when still very green. Her training is really coming along and next year should be an amazing year for her. She is not a super tall mare at just 16 hands, but she has a BIG body and looks absolutely huge. She is being shown in hunter under saddle, hunter in hand, halter, and will be started over fences this year.
Spark Click on image for full album VV Spark of Fire "Spark"  (Gold Krugerand x Southern Sparkle)

1988 National Show Horse mare owned by Rhonda Mumm

Spark is an ex show horse that had a very successful halter career on the Arabian circuit. She was also shown western pleasure and huntseat pleasure. She has been retired now from riding for almost 3 years as her age has really caught up with her recently. She lives for treats and belly scratches. Spark has melanoma, so she is a little lumpy but it doesn't seem to bother her much! She is at the very bottom of the herd hierarchy, always has been and always will. Tiny and Boomer take good care of her though and protect her from the other mares. Spark is a sweet mare that has been in the family for a very long time.
Ruby Click on image for full album Princess (unregistered)

Mare owned by Loblolly Farm

Princess is one of our rescues. She is supposed to be a Florida Cracker Horse, but since she is not registered we will never know! She certainly looks like she could be though. When we first took ownership of her, she was all skin and bones and couldn’t even stand up. We didn’t think she’d make it through that day, but she did and with a little TLC she perked right up. She is estimated to be between 25 and 30 years old and she is Bella’s dam. She has a little bit of an attitude sometimes, but you can tell she really appreciates being saved. She will live the rest of her days here on the farm.
Bella Click on image for full album Bella (unregistered)

Mare owned by Loblolly Farm

Bella is Princess’ daughter and also a rescue. She is a special horse to say the least. Bella had never been touched by humans until she was almost 3 years old, when I acquired her. It took many months just to be able to get near her, and she slowly started to trust me. Eventually I was able to teach her to load onto a horse trailer and brought her home to Loblolly Farm 2 years ago. She has personality plus and is a true “in your pocket” kind of horse. She absolutely loves attention. Due to her past, she is a timid mare when pulled out of the pasture and has been difficult to train. She does groundwork and wears a saddle, but I have not yet been able to ride her. I am hopeful that she will one day be a riding horse. We think she is about 6 years old.