Loblolly Farm

Full Board:

Includes a stall, use of facilities, and a turnout schedule customized to you and your horse. We strongly encourage 24/7 turnout (except during very hot days, very cold nights, or when raining) but we are happy to provide daytime only or nighttime only turnout if owner prefers. Board includes blanketing in winter (1 blanket and 1 sleazy/hood) and application of fly sheet and mask in summer.

All horses are placed on Solitude in the summer, a fly preventative to help keep flies down and there is no extra charge for this. We will hold your horse for the barn farrier if you go on our schedule. There will be an extra charge to hold for your farrier or to hold outside of my schedule.

Stalls are cleaned daily and filled with fresh shavings. Stall water and pasture water is cleaned and filled daily. We feed quality hay and grain twice daily and fill hay feeders in the shelters twice a day. We administer supplements/medications that you provide at no extra cost. We keep track of your vaccination schedule and we worm every other month and bill you for it. Vaccinations and coggins must be kept up to date, but you are responsible for scheduling that.


  • Pasture board: $275/mo

  • Coolstance Copra non-GMO feed: $38/bag
  • Extras:

    Alfalfa: $50/mo 1 flake/day

    Extra grain: $20/mo per 1 scoop/day

    Grooming: $40/mo 3 days per week
    Holding for vet or outside farrier: $10/half hour
    Basic wound care: $10 (more involved wound care pricing determined as needed)


    Face: $10
    Face/legs: $15
    Ears: $10
    Body clipping: $120
    Hunter braiding: $35
    Banding: $20
    Mane pulling (maintenance): $20